Plugin exists but does not have an importable module

Hi there,
i installed kolibri-pratham plugin in my kolibri environment but when i try to enable it in kolibri, it giving me the error that
ERROR Plugin ‘kolibri_pratham_plugin’ exists but does not have an importable kolibri_plugin module

steps i performed is:-

  1. pip install -e path to plugin --> here i got successful installation message.
  2. kolibri plugin enable kolibri_pratham_plugin – > got the above mentioned error

Please help me regarding how should i enable plugin in my dev kolibri so that i can proceed further.


Hi @djholmes

Sorry that this issue didn’t get a response, it was mis-categorized.

On the road to a stable plugin API, a few things were changed (for the better). This means that the plugin needs an update to work with the latest Kolibri version.

Do you still have this issue with kolibri_pratham_plugin?