Patch release announcement: Kolibri v0.15.9!

Kolibri v0.15.9 features several performance updates and bug fixes. Download it here and read more about the changes:


  • Specified pre-commit hook python version to 3.10
  • Added Python3.11 to supported python versions


  • Fixed PDF completion issues
  • Fixed learner-facing metadata display of content duration
  • Fixed “Mark as complete” functionality to allow learners to mark resources as complete when allowed by the resource
  • Disable forward/back buttons on EPUB renderer until locations are properly loaded
  • Fix issue that causes learners to skip every other question in an exercise
  • Fix searchbox outline
  • Fix title spacing in app bar
  • Fix bookmark data loading issues that caused inaccurate bookmark display


  • Changed from 5 tuple to 3
  • Set a max width on Library main content grid to display properly on extra large monitors
  • Remove “All options” from filters in Learn search/filtering side panel
  • Switch display of the completion modal to require both completed progress and the resource to be finished
  • Add tests to assert totalattempts behaviour
  • Display completion modals only on first completion, and allow user to reopen the modal if needed
  • Update category search for each level to be searchable
  • Update KDS to 1.4.1