Patch release announcement: Kolibri v0.15.8!

Kolibri v0.15.8 features several performance updates and bug fixes. Download it here and read more about the changes:


  • Adds job storage sanity check to ensure that Kolibri will not fail to start if the asynchronous job storage is malformed


  • Logging: remove unused simple formatter, add asctime to color formatter
  • Order resume content display by last interaction
  • Upgrade morango and lower default sync chunk size through CLI
  • Make learners only appear once in reports when assigned from both groups and individually to lessons and quizzes.
  • Persist collection tokens when switching between individual and bulk import workflows for channels


  • CSV Endpoint permissions and error handling
  • Adds fix for multiple worker processes duplicating jobs.
  • Adds translated string for user kind in the user table
  • Check for an array’s length to avoid breaking errors
  • Fixes Version logic not handling non-tripartite version strings
  • Filters out empty nodes, add safety to breaking code
  • Prevent controls for the PDF renderer from overlapping content
  • Fix quiz completion regression which caused the notification to contain the incorrect score
  • height = width in import cards on thumbnail, fix misaligned text
  • Update levels to display translated strings, not constant ids