Migrating an Older KA Lite Content Library to a Newer RACHEL

Hello! We have a deployment of several RACHEL devices across multiple versions. In order to keep our content strategy unified across all the deployments we would like to make sure each device has the same KA Lite content.

Because we have more older versions of RACHEL than new, we’d like to take the older KA Lite content library and migrate it to the newer KA Lite devices. Is this feasible?

Happy to share specific version information and details as needed.

Hi @Joshua_Burke

Have just been referred to this thread and will subscribe for updates. Could you let us know about the KA Lite versions? It should be visible at the footer of your installations. If the versions are different, that spells trouble, but you can find compatibility between 0.16 and 0.17.

Hey Benjamin, it would be from version 17.5 and up.