Long titles are truncated


We are creating folders within a channel that correspond to the Peruvian national curriculum competencies.

The title of the competencies is made up of many strings, but the style sheet truncates it, however the DIV that contains it has enough space for showing it,

Please see the attached screenshot

This is a limitation for teachers for an easy navigation.

Could you please fix the style sheet in order to show the maximum number of characters.

Best regards

Juan Pablo

Hi Juan Pablo,

Thank you for the valuable feedback — I’ll be sure to raise the negative effects of this design decision on the user experience to the appropriate folks on the team.


Hi Juan Pablo,

To solve it you must locate the file:


You will notice that it is a very large file, this is because it is a minified script (javascript).

Inside the file, look for the text:


When you perform the search you will see two matches, in this case you go to the second match.

As you will see, there is a property called “maxLines:1” which means that only one line will be displayed at most, what you will do is replace the 1 with the number of lines you will need, for example, If I need the text to have a maximum 4 lines, the code would be:


After modifying it, you stop Kolibri and start it again for this change to take effect.

Good luck!

Hi @Juan_Pablo_Seminario,

Thanks for flagging this - we’ve checked internally, and it seems this was an inadvertent regression from attempting to address another issue with crowding in the display of cards.

We are working to resolve this, and a permanent fix should be in the 0.16.0 release.

Kind Regards,