Kolibri over ARDUINO

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Kolibri works wonderful on a Raspberry Pi.

Is there prior experience of Kolibri running over ARDUINO, the famous open hardware micro-controller? If not, any intention of doing so? What are the challenges and difficulties to do so? Thanks!!!

Hello @wernerio,

Thanks for reaching out and it’s great to hear about your interest and use of the Kolibri platform.

At the moment, the minimum required hardware specifications for running the Kolibri platform are as detailed here. One of the biggest concerns with Arduino is its limited memory resources thus this would not enable Kolibri to run efficiently. Also, because Arduino is only a micro-controller and not a microprocessor, it is unable to run any operating system. This too, would be a hinderance to the Kolibri installation process.

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Thank you @akolson for your prompt response. If not feasible to run Kolibri over Arduino, now wondering to integrate Arduino with Raspberry Pi for physical computing. Arduino would be the interface, managed and programmed by Kolibri in the RPi, using Blockly Games for example. Wouldn’t that open a whole bunch of opportunities? Best wishes,


@wernerio Yes, there are several possibilities that are presented when Arduino is connected to a computer as a controller, but unfortunately none of them works out of the box. We would gladly appreciate links to existing projects or previous work that detail communication with Arduino from the browser. With this information, we can then carry out feasibility studies on adding it to Kolibri. At LE, our main focus is integration of existing educative content, and not development of new content.

Thus said, in most cases, connecting Arduino to RPi will provide the same capabilities as with Joystick unless you’re thinking light or proximity sensors, plugged into Arduino to move the blocks(in the case of Blockly games example).
In any case, that’s a whole development itself that we at LE are not focusing on currently. cc @jredrejo @richard

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