Install Kolibri in a docker container and configure as a webserver

Good day,

Is there anyone who has installed Kolibri in a docker container and and setup as a webserver? The idea is to have all our servers setup thi way in order to get the CSV without the need of havig the client to do anything. The only thing they have to d is to ensure internet connectivity.

I would like to setup one central server to manage all our kolibri servers, by using a management tool to update all servers. We will get to a place where we have hundreds of kolibri servers and we need a way to manage them with some automation tools.

is there anyone who has done this or who can offer some advise / assistance in this scenario please?

You input will be very helpful. Thank you kindly.

Hi Bryan, I know of several people who have done it . It does not have any special requirement. It’s a normal web service using http. If you use a common image, add the ppa and install the kolibri package you are done.

Only if you prefer to use postgresql as a database and a web proxy in the middle it requires a bit more work, but nothing special.

Just searching for Kolibri in returns 12 public setups, and there are many more if looking in Google.

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@jredrejo thanks so much! I will look into this.