KA-Lite Sync Host Error

I have been performing syncs from several (8+) RACHEL devices housing KA-Lite to the Hub at Learning Equality. For the most part, these have been successful. However, occasionally I receive sync errors that say:

KA Lite host is currently unreachable (connection_error): https://kalite.learningequality.org

Can someone help me diagnose what would cause this to happen, aside from a loss of connectivity. I can confirm that I can access the url in a browser while connected to the RACHEL device and I can confirm that syncs have worked with these devices before.

I’m starting to think that the certificates for kalite.learningequality.org have expired. Can someone please look into this? I’d rather not try and bypass these certificate warnings.

@Benjamin @jamalex

Thanks for noting this @Joshua_Burke ! We’re moving it behind a proxy now with better SSL cert management. Should work within the next 15 minutes or so…

Thank you @Benjamin, that appears to have fixed our sync processes.