Is There a Way to Add Custom Fields to the "Create an Account" Page?

We are providing teacher training through an online instance of Kolibri and are wondering if there’s a way to add custom fields to the page where a learner navigates to create their account. For example, it would be helpful if the person could indicate, in addition to their name, what school they teach at and in which country. Is this possible and if not, would there be some other effective way to capture this information in Kolibri?

Hello @Andy_Johnson
there’s a special field called Identifier where the admin of the facility can add any text (up to 64 chars) to every user profile. I’m afraid this is not accesible to the user, only admins can do it.
If you need the user to add it I only can think of adding it to its Full name in parenthesis, something like
Rafael Nadal (Manacor, Spain)
Full name can have up to 120 characters.