Installing Kolibri on a Synology DiskStation

One of our community members has asked whether anyone has installed Kolibri on a Synology DiskStation. We’ll work to test this on the Learning Equality side, but posting this in case others can share their experiences!

Hello, as there was no further follow-up on this request, I was wondering if this was tested. If so, could you please document the process as I am interested to install Kolibri on a Synology NAS. Thanks.

Hello @pstremus , the logical answer is no, as by definition a NAS is just a hard disk and you will need always a computer to run the software.
Of course, Synology devices have a CPU and memory and they have the possibility to install apps that have been adapted or developed for this platform, so we can’t discard that the station could run Kolibri. It would require developer skills to create this kind of app based on the Kolibri code. I’m afraid we haven’t had a chance to try it nor know of anybody who has tested it.