I'm looking for the theme colors

Hello, I have realized that in version 15.4 they made changes to the platform’s theme files, for example before I found all the color codes of the theme in a kolibri_plugin.py file, however now I don’t know where, could you help me please

hello @Billy as you’ve noticed a good part of the code has been reorganized to be more modular. It has been moved to a different repository to be usable in more projects/applications: GitHub - learningequality/kolibri-design-system: Kolibri Design System

For the question you’re asking the code is available at the kolibri-design-system/colorsDefault.js at develop · learningequality/kolibri-design-system · GitHub file. Anyway in case you want to change them, the kolibri_plugin.py file is still the way to go.

Hope this helps.
José L.

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To see how things were changed, see the PR that introduced this reorganization Theme updates feature branch (for 0.15.3) by indirectlylit · Pull Request #8918 · learningequality/kolibri · GitHub (note that there is still no need to edit the design system in order to accomplish this theming).

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Thanks, I’m not a developer but I have minimal knowledge of css and that’s why in the previous version I was able to modify the colors of the theme, but in this case I see it as complex, I already tried to read the links they left but I couldn’t understand.