ICT Learning Tutorials

The information on the channel below was shared with me to pass on to the community. Thank you to Isaac Ogwal for creating and sharing these materials for others to benefit from!


Channel token: rahah-mufil

Description: This channel has a collection ICT learning tutorials from Ogwal Isaac supported by Luweero Diocese Education Department (Uganda) that cover topics like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MicrosoftPowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Windows. These tutorials can help students, teachers and all adults who need skills in ICT. More ICT tutorials in HTML and Internet tools to be added as well.

Primary language: English

Topic areas: ICT learning tutorials, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and many more ICT tutorials

Suggested age ranges or education levels: Primary schools, Secondary schools, University and all adults who need skills in ICT

Are the materials meant to be used by coaches or by learners? Or both?: learners and coaches

Any special target audiences? students, teachers, secretaries, all people who need ICT skills, specifically in MS Office products

Resource formats [Videos, Documents, etc.]: videos and documents

Licenses: CC BY

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These ICT tutorials from Ogwal Isaac are very clear. The speed is not to high, so that students and teachers and even other persons can follow it . Everything is explained step by step. SO far Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access are there.
Special in african context it is very good, because even the accent is ugandan african english.
Thank you .