"How to get started with Kolibri" English Transcript

Hello. I was looking through the How to Get Started with Kolibri module, and noticed that there is not yet an English transcript available for the Administrator video tutorials. I am willing to transcribe the videos into written English. I’ve read through the documentation on how to get started in contributing to the project and have forked the repository on Github, but if someone could point me in the direction of where the transcripts are so that I can add to them, I would appreciate it. Also, this is my first contribution and post on this forum, so if this is in the wrong place I apologize, just let me know where I should go.


Hello @eppingera, thank you for your interest in contributing to Kolibri!
We already have the English transcripts & captions for the videos in the ‘How to get started with Kolibri’ channel, but it seems that it was not updated on the Kolibri demo server as you noticed.
Thank you for flagging this to us, we’ll proceed to update immediately!

Are you looking for opportunities to contribute code, translations, or something else…?

Ahh alright, no problem. I’m mostly interested in contributing code, but saw that and thought it might be a fairly straightforward way to start. I’ve seen some of the known issues that were tagged as beginner friendly, but if you have any suggestions on some things that could use some work, I’m all ears.

Thanks for the quick response too.