How do Hints function?

Operating System: Linux

Browser: Librewolf (Firefox fork)

Channel: The Barking Bandicoot Academy

Description of problem:

How do hints work? I have read the docs. eg.

4.4 Create exercises 30
7. Click the NEW HINT to add hints for the question. Hint editor field offers the same
formatting options as the question and answer editors.
Keep clicking the NEW HINT button to add as many hints as you want for the
Tip: You can delete and reorder answers and hints with the , and icons
in the upper right corner.

I am unclear on how they function though. If a students selects a wrong answer will a hint appear?
If so, is that hint numerically related to the answer?
ie. If the student selects Answer 1 will they then be presented with hint 1? If the student selects Answer 2 will they then be presented with hint 2?
If a student selects on first attempt Answer 2, will they receive hint 1, then if they select Answer 1 on their second attempt, will they receive hint 2?

I ask as I wish to have hint text that responds to the incorrect answer rather than hint text that just points to the correct answer.

Hopefully an experienced Kolibrian can enlighten me!


Hi @Justin,

Thank you for reaching out. At this time, we do not offer support for providing hints in response to incorrect attempts. However, we recommend looking into Perseus, Khan Academy’s open-source exercise question editor and renderer, as it may have the capability to link hints to specific attempts for multiple choice questions. Additional information on how to utilize Perseus can be found here.


Thanks Iiana!

That will take some reading to grok!
I have noticed though that the linked learningequality fork of Perseus says:
As of January 2018 this repo is no longer under active development.
-although there have been some commits last year.
Is this still active and recommended?
Does the original Khan version work, or will only the learningequality version work?


The forked repository has been created to enhance integration with Kolibri. The exercise question editor and renderer is what you will need. You can create exercise questions using the Perseus editor, and then integrate them into Studio by following the instructions provided in the “Exercises” section of the ricecooker documentation.

Should you find it helpful, here are a couple of additional implementation resources:

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.