Headphones for school labs 🎧

Hi all!

Headphones. Cheap ones for kids - any experiences? :slight_smile:

They’re necessary to watch videos in Kolibri.

  • Students might not have their own, will forget to bring them, or such equipment is banned at the school anyways
  • In-ear cannot be shared, that’s very unhygienic
  • Equipment is sourced without headphones. For instance, at FAIR we rarely receive such.
  • Headphones can be lost and break. How many spares are necessary? 1 per computer per year?
  • Can headphones be recovered and refurbished in greater quantities, for instance from airliners or surplus stock? Of course, the airline standard with double minijacks won’t fit.

On AliExpress, it’s possible to get kids headphones for $2 a piece… yet having 100 headphones for 20 schools, that’s still $4000.

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