Geographic Distance between Super Admin and Facility Admin

Hello everyone,

I just joined a US University that hopes to help provide online learning materials for a school in northern Uganda. There are approximately 70 students, and the school has limited internet access. I joined this project late, and have been tasked with figuring out a way to support online learning from the United States.

If the super admin never shares a network or a location with the facility admin, can channels and curated channels still be imported? In other words, can I set up a Kolibri channel in the US and have it remotely transferred to a user/device in Uganda that will act as the facilty admin? Ideally I would not need to be the super admin at all, but some collaborative coaching of coaches will need to take place and the plan right now is to have a US-based super admin who can then transfer permissions to the facility admin.

Thanks for your time, everyone, and your dedication to supporting learners around the world. I hope to hear from someone soon!

Hi Frank,

Thanks for reaching out! It’s great to hear you’re looking to use Kolibri for your program.

What you’re describing is possible in the sense that you can create a curated channel on Kolibri Studio while located anywhere, as long as you have Internet access as Kolibri Studio is our online curriculum tool. Once the channel has been created, you will “publish” it for offline use and will generate a token unique to that channel. That token can then be shared with any facility admin (i.e. in Uganda) and they can import the channel during a period of connectivity, then will be able to use it offline. So to recap with links to each step:

  1. You create and publish a channel on Kolibri Studio
  2. You send a message to the facility admin in Uganda with the channel token
  3. The facility admin connects to the Internet and imports the channel using the token
  4. Learners can then engage with the channel on Kolibri offline

In the steps I’ve linked above, the facility admin can also use the import step to import any channel from our public Kolibri Content Library. Our public channels will be listed automatically after clicking “Import → Import from Kolibri Studio” and a token is not needed to import these. The token is only necessary for privately listed channels that users create on Studio.

I hope this helps! In case it’s helpful as you’re planning, here are some other links you may wish to look through:

Let us know if you have any other questions and we would love to stay in touch as this progresses!


This is great, thank you so much!!