Flexbook HTML5 booklets not functioning correctly iPad2 client

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Flexbook HTML5 books not functioning correctly with iPad2 clients (iOS 9.3.5). The book does not scroll, cuts off content. It essentially cuts off all content outside the initial amount loaded and remains static. Increasing the book to fill the page with the grow button does not solve the problem.

This is not a problem on later iOS versions, nor Android 8.0. Seems to be a similar problem has used to happen with AfricanStorybook.

Example Flexbook: “Root Structure - Advanced (Flexbook)”

Have to add that the PLIX interactive content items do not work as well. They don’t load at all on iOS 9.3.5. On later iOS (13) they load, but don’t work correctly. Example: answer box doesn’t show onscreen so no idea where to drag and answer item to respond to a question in the “Challenge Me” part.

Example PLIX item: Thermal & Kinetic Energy (PLIX)

This image is from MacOS 10.14.6 with Safari Version 13.1.1 (14609. A question with the answer options that are draggable, but the answer box is not displayed and dragging an answer item around the screen to find it does not result in finding the box location. Thus, the user can’t answer the question and move to the next.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version 0.13.3
  • iOS 9.3.5
  • Browser: Safari, as well as others since they all use the same underlying browser engine

These Flexbooks are very nice content and would love to see them working correctly.


Hello @cjackson,

this is Michaela (one of the developers). This seems to be a content problem, and we already have an issue open. I was able to reproduce similar problems on Chrome, Ubuntu. I’ve just added it, together with all your information, to the issue. Thank you for your report.

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@Michaela_Robosova ,

Thank you, too.