Feature request: selecting individual questions to include in a lesson

As a coach, I would like the ability to pick individual questions from an exercise to include in a Lesson. This functionality is already present when creating a new Quiz, so it would seem relatively straightforward to make it available when putting together a Lesson as well.


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Hi Erik,

Thanks for sharing this feedback! We’ve logged it for future consideration in new feature developments.

Hi Laura,

Could you please confirm if the question selection feature is available in quiz and if so which version of Kolibri. We have deployed 0.9.5b3 and 12.5 in Nalanda schools and that feature is not available.


Hi Manoj,

Thanks for sharing. This single-selection of questions functionality actually isn’t available in Quizzes, but rather what’s possible is the ability to select a full new set of questions within a Quiz if you are unhappy with any of the questions. I’ve passed on your feedback to our team about including this single-question selection option.