Feature Request - Customizable Badges

It would be great if there were an option to make customizable badges in Kolibri.
A simple form that requests the name, description, and asks if there is a custom image that you would like to use would be amazing.

Hi @Sam
Do you mean badges that are achieved after some goals are fulfilled?
Because if that’s the case it’s not a simple thing, it’s not only the form, the logic to get/save/show the badges is not that simple.

Yes, that is what I mean.
I realize that it would be more complex on the backend. ALL things are more complicated in an API, or DB environment. That’s commons sense. Hence, my comment was not concerning server-side implementation, but rather for the end-users having a simple UI to input the DB’s variables. It was a feature request José. No one expects it to be done overnight. I was simply saying it would be nice to have at some point in the future.

The statement that it requires logic, is global for ANY feature, that’s added. Unless somehow you know of a way to make a feature in an application with no code. I work for a company that manages school district software. We have many SQL DB’s, API’s and UI’s that we use for our almost 30 apps. I am a configuration specialist there. I work with SQL, as well as CSS, XML, and HTML daily. As such, I am well aware of the logic that would be required. It’s why it’s a request, and not a demand. I have no doubt the dev team, is working on things that have a much greater priority than an option for badges.

The request was one that could be put on a roadmap, not sure of your organizational development structure, but with many places and dev teams, if a decent idea that exists is presented, that has some applicability, it’s considered for future implementation.

Is that not the reason, we have the ability to make Feature Requests, to begin with?

Great @Sam I wanted to be sure that was what you meant because it didn’t look simple under my dev eyes, sorry if it sounded rude, it was not my intention.

I have checked this feature has already been mentioned by some other people in some in-person (good times) trainings so it’s in the wish list but I’m afraid it’s not in the roadmap yet. Depending on other priorities it’ll be sooner or later. Also, if you have dev skills , kolibri is open source and you anyone can create a PR at https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri that eventually will be accepted if it has the needed quality.


No worries, I just wanted to clarify my position regarding my request. That’s great that it is on a list either way.

Best Regards.

Hi Sam, just wanted to clarify a bit further how you’re imagining this being used.

an option to make customizable badges in Kolibri

Would you imagine these badges are created by coaches, and then manually awarded to learners? Or would you imagine the badges would be automatically awarded based on certain kinds of learner behaviors?

Thank you for your feedback!

I think, it would be far easier (backend wise) to implement a standard set of default badges.
When you are active on KA, for example, you are awarded a badge. You are awarded additional ones when you go above and beyond (like doing x amount of exercise successfully, after x amount of time). A good range of defaults, may even prevent many from needed the ability to customize. However, I do think that said ability, for admins, coaches, etc., would be invaluable.

For example, I love the badge system here. It actually encourages me to be active and post more. All parties (hopefully) benefit, from the system.

Sorry, I digress, to answer your question, both. However, an editable default set, that is expansive, would be the easiest to implement realistically, vs. a fully customized system for end-users to apply.

thanks, I’ll add these notes to our tracker

@devon :slight_smile: Thank you.