Completing an Excercise Without Indication When to Move to Next Topic

When our users have finished answer the questions in an exercise, rather than a clear indication or button showing that it’s time to move to the next topic, they continue to see the questions in an ongoing loop. I’ve checked and noticie that this is true regardless of the mastery criteria selected. Is this just the way that Kolibri currently works or have we missed something?

Technical details
We are using Kolibri 0.13.3 and have experienced the same functionality in multiple browsers and with Windows and Apple devices.

Yes, this is currently the user experience, which we realize is not great. We will be updating this in 0.15.0 to give a very clear signal to users to move on when they have achieved mastery.

You can see the new behaviour by engaging with an exercise on our development branch.

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This is great news! Thank you for the update. I’ll test the new experience and look forward to this release!

Here is an example screenshot of the modal that will now pop up!

Thank you for the screenshot. I love that both options are presented and that the top item prompts the user to keep going.