Cannot Publish Channel

I’ve been trying to publish a channel need for my discussion tomorrow, but it keeps on getting stuck at “Publishing Channel”

Hi @JonelleFerrer,

We have been experiencing some unusual server load that has disrupted our channel publishing. We think we have resolved it now - are you able to now publish it?

If not, please direct message me the channel id (or just a link to your channel on Studio), and I will restart the publishing process.

Kind Regards,

Hello Richard,

I have been experiencing this same problem for a while now. Please kindly help me or tell me what to do. I don’t want to be stuck here forever.

Hi @kingswhale,

It should be resolved now.

Kind Regards,

Okay, thank you, sir. I will check as soon as possible.
More so, following the developers’ documentation cloned and build but unable to generate .exe file after building on a mac.
Please how can I go about it sir?

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 11.47.50

Hello, @richard
Please kindly help me. It is still returning the same error.


Is this on the online Studio, or are you using it locally in development?

Yes, on the online studio.

Could you look at the Network tab and show the contents of any requests to an endpoint called ‘tasks’?

Okay, thank you.
You did not reply to my request on how to generate an executable file for both mac and windows.
Please how can I go about it?
Thanks with regards.

@kingswhale On this forum we offer technical and implementation support to users of Kolibri, for which we have made available the installers for both Windows and macOS on our Download page.

If you are making some kind of modified version of Kolibri on your own, you should be able to search and find resources online on how to package the executable installers for various operating systems, as that is out of the scope of this forum.

Thank you