API requests slow when creating an exam

When creating an exam, on the new exam page, the page loads very slow. I believe it has to do with the size of the channel collection I have (both Khan Academy and CK12). Looking at the inspector, I see quite a lot of long running API requests to these URL:


Some take as long as 1.5 minutes, making the page load after about 3 mins.

Is there perhaps some database index missing for this particular query that would make the API requests take so long? Its the only place in the system that seems to have these long delays.

Machine has 6 cores at 2.4ghz, with 8gb ram, so I cant imagine its a resource issue.

Bump. Anyone?

Can you share which version of Kolibri you’re using? This is an issue that our team is aware of, but our most recent release has taken some steps to try to mitigate the lag. If you’re using an older version, I’d recommend upgrading and seeing if the issue persists.

We appear to be having a similar issue but quite a bit worse. When we click on “New Exam” it never gets to the exam creation page. We have waited about 15 minutes and then cancel. I have tried this on two different servers now with the same result. So we have never actually seen the exam screen. Here is our version info:

Version: 0.11.0
OS: Windows-8-6.2.9200
Installer: Windows
Server: Kolibri internal server
Database: C:\Users\jronning.kolibri\db.sqlite3
Device name: VM-KOLIBRI
Free disk space: 133 GB
Server time: Sat Dec 08 2018 12:09:29 GMT+0800 (Singapore Standard Time)
Server timezone: Asia/Singapore

Figured out something else. One of my channels works fine and I suspect it is due to the fact that there are not many exercise questions available to pull from. For KA I have downloaded all of the channel content so I suspect that it is just taking a very long time to load all of the possible content. At least that is my suspicion.

hi Jon, it seems a performance issue when having many exercises to choose.
It would be great if you can write an issue in https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri providing as much information as possible.
Please, if you can’t create the issue, tell it here so I will create it using the info you provide in this thread.

Thanks for the feedback @Jon_Ronning - I think we have identified the issue here, so cross-linking with this thread: https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri/issues/4159

FYI, this issue has been addressed in the latest versions of Kolibri