Another option for downloading Kolibri channels

Is there another option for downloading channels from Kolibri studio or does it have to be done through a local Kolibri setup? For channels larger than, say, 10GB it would be great to have other options for downloading, possibly as torrents? I saw a thread mention but doesn’t seem to be a viable options anymore.

hello @ericM
torrents are not an option to download the channels. There are actually three ways to get the channel inside a kolibri installation:
1- Directly from Studio using Internet
2- From another kolibri server that might be in your local network, so Internet is not needed
3- From an usb disk that has the channel downloaded

Options 2 and 3 allow you to get the channel in locations where Internet is not accesible, but to get the channel for the very first time you’ll need to use option 1, thus either a good Internet bandwith or a lot of patient is needed to download such big channels as the ones you refer.


Noted. I was hoping for an alternate download option for the larger channels but I will have to work with what’s available. Thanks for the prompt response.