Adding a link to the top menu bar

Hi All,

I have spent several hours trying to add a link to the top menu bar (Currently has Learn, Sign Up etc links).

I am trying to add a link to return to a main menu page with a list of other resources on it.

Can someone give me some pointers as to how I would go about this?


When KA Lite was designed, it wasn’t really intended to be used that way, so you’re gonna have to make quite an effort :slight_smile:

In your ~/.kalite/, write something like this:

from kalite.project.settings.base import *


Create the file ~/.kalite/templates/distributed/base.html and use these contents:

I can’t really recommend this hack, but try it out and see if it gets you anywhere.

Notice the file above is truncated, you have to click to see the full file.

Thanks for this Benjamin,

I appreciate that you don’t recommend this course but I do need to place a link on the page somewhere that allows the user to return to the initial resource page and ultimately either select to access the internet or logoff from the intranet.

Could you recommend where I might be able to put such a button without there being an issue? If not I will attempt the above solution.

Let me know

Hi @TgMan

Yeah, it’s vulnerable because it requires copying out a substantial source file that could change in later upgrades. You can put the button anywhere in the HTML, basically since it’s copied out, it’ just overwrite the original template in succeeding updates.

Btw. I think the use case sounds absolutely plausible. Another way to get it done would be to write a PR that makes way for the customization and wait for it to be released :slight_smile: We’re a small team so it’s hard to serve all wishes.