Raspberry PI quick start installation support

I am trying to install Kolibri on my Raspberry PI using the quick start method. It all went fine, burning the image to the SD, booting the PI, letting it run of 5 minutes, but after entering the username (pi) and password (kolibrifly) I am not getting any further. The whole screen is just one giant command prompt staring at me, saying “pi@kolibri” with a blinking underscore waiting for me to do something. I am sorry if I have missed something really obvious here, but it feels like the documentation just ends in the middle of the setup, and I have no idea where to go from here. If someone can please advise me what to do next, I would be grateful. Again, it feels like this should be really simple, but the documentation on this is rather stub.

Oh, I get it. Kolibri is installed with Raspberry Lite so there isn’t supposed to be a GUI. I guess that should be obvious, but maybe its worth just mentioning in the documentation. Not everyone booting a PI for the first time will be intimately knowledgeable about the Raspberry pi OS. I’ll reinstall the Raspberry Pi OS and do the manual Kolibri install then.