Python high cpu utilization


Kolibri’s Python process is constantly consuming ~34% of a 4 core cpu, even when not in use.

I did a clean install of Kolibri and noticed the high cpu utilization after downloading about 21GB of Khan Academy content.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version - 0.15.9
  • Operating system - Windows 10 Pro, 10.0.19045, 64 bit
  • Browser - Brave 1.45.123
  • Python 3.6.8 (64 bit)

Hardware - core i5-4570S 2.9GHz desktop, 16GB ram, Kolibri server running from C:\ on a 120GB SSD with 64GB free space.

PS C:\Users\user> kolibri --version
kolibri, version 0.15.9
PS C:\Users\user> kolibri status
INFO     2022-12-11 23:49:19,086 Option DEBUG in section [Server] being overridden by environment variable KOLIBRI_DEBUG
INFO     2022-12-11 23:49:19,086 Option DEBUG_LOG_DATABASE in section [Server] being overridden by environment variable KOLIBRI_DEBUG_LOG_DATABASE
OK, running (0)
Kolibri running on:
PS C:\Users\user>

My intention with this setup is to setup a Windows laptop/desktop pre-loaded with Kolibri and Khan Academy content; then give it to someone who doesn’t have internet access so they can catch up on math and science at home.

To that end, I installed Kolibri, added some channel content from Khan Academy and viewed a couple videos from the “Learn” tab in the Kolibri UI to confirm the content is available.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Hello @Jacob_Mar!

Thank you for flagging this issue to us. We confirmed the occurrence internally in our testing procedures, and opened an issue on GitHub so the dev team can investigate and work towards the solution:

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