Learn and facility tabs are showing bird page and nothing is happened after that!

HI All

I installed kolibri ver 0.13.3 on raspbian. I successfully downloaded khan academy content >> computing from kolibri studio. But While clicking on learn and facility tabs then those are showing bird page and nothing is happened after that !!!

Requesting you to check and do the needful as soon as possible.

Hi @Sallauddin_Shaikh,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. It would be helpful if you could send us the log files so we could see what errors happened in the background. You can find the log files through the steps mentioned here: https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manage/get_support.html#locate-kolibri-log-files. You can upload the files to places such as Google Drive and share the link here. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

You can download those logs files below google drive link.


Requesting you to check and do the needful.

Hi @Sallauddin_Shaikh,

Thank you very much for sending us the log files. However, I don’t see errors happened in the backend from the logs. Do you mind showing us the screenshots of your console in the browser when you navigate to Learn and Facility tabs? Also, could you please let us know which browser and version are you using?

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, here are the tutorials about how to open the console in devtools in case you are not familiar with console.
Chrome: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/open#console
Firefox: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Web_Console/Opening_the_Web_Console

Here is an example of screenshot:

Hi Team

Pleaese find attached screenshots.

Hi @Sallauddin_Shaikh,

Thank you for the screenshots! They are very helpful.
Do you mind opening your terminal, running two commands and showing us the results?

ls -l ~/.kolibri/static/kolibri.plugins.facility.app/kolibri.plugins.facility.app-0.13.3.js

After running this first command, you will see something like this:

After that, could you please run another ls -l command on the path that the arrow is pointing to, also indicated by the red line in the picture (but the path may not be exactly the same on your computer)?
The second command will be

ls -l <second path shown in your result of the first command run>

Based on the example given above, it could be something like

ls -l /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/kolibri/plugins/facility/static/kolibri.plugins.facility.app/kolibri.plugins.facility.app-0.13.3.js

Having the results of these two commands will help us identify the issue showing in your console.
Also which user are you using to run Kolibri? Is it the user pi?
Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Please find attached output of these two commands.


Also check attached output. may be it will help to identify exact issue.

Hi @Sallauddin_Shaikh,

If you run kolibri manage collectstatic --no-input, enter yes if encountering prompt and refresh the page, do you still see the same issue? Thank you!


i entered this command and it showed that "571 static files copied to ‘/home/pi/.kolibri/static’’ and after this I refreshed page it didn’t showing login page and found this error.


If possible could you please take remote access of my pc via anydesk and teamviewer to resolve this issue quickly as possible.

i unable to login into kolibri now.

Hi @Sallauddin_Shaikh,

Sure, I’m happy to access your pc remotely via teamviewer. Please feel free to send me relative information through direct messages on the forum. You can find the Message button after clicking my username.
Just wondering, are there two kolibri home directories in your computer? I see /home/pi/.kolibri and kolibri_data which you showed in the screenshot above. Do you know which one is the one that is for the current running kolibri? Thank you!

hi lingyi

as you see, first i installed kolibri (/home/pi/.kolibri) on sd card and did initial setup, later i moved this directory to usb drive (kolibri_data) as per below given link.

but it didn’t work as expected.

Requesting you to resolve this issue.

This issue has been resolved. It was because in order for Nginx to read the static files, the Nginx user needs to have read and execute permissions on all of the parent directories. In this specific issue, /media/pi directory does not have the permissions needed. We ran the command sudo chmod 755 /media/pi to assign correct permissions. After that, Nginx was able to access all the static files and Kolibri started to run successfully.

Thanks lingyi for your prompt support. I really appreciate your efforts.

Keep it up !!!