Kolibri studio recurring issues

Operating System (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux): Windows

Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari): Chrome

Channel (Name of the channel you were working on): Grade 4

Description of problem:
Here are a couple of issues that seem to be persistant,

  1. Had to cancel and start again when generating a thumbnail

  2. Thumbnails have to be done individually.

  3. License information not saving

  4. Have to close and reopen the tab each time to see updates.

  5. Bulk upload not saving detail changes

  6. Not showing number of resources correctly

Hi @William

Sorry for these issues - I’ll address these one by one.

  1. Do you have any more details here - are there specific resource kinds this happens for, any errors in the developer console?

  2. This is currently a feature limitation, yes - we can certainly look into queueing up the generation to be done in bulk. Note that thumbnail generation happens in the browser.

We have been able to replicate 3, 4, and 5, and are hoping to release a new version of Studio in early October that will address these issues.

For 6 - this is a trickier issue to solve, and might not be completely resolved with the new release, but we’ll be sure to keep looking at improving this.

Thanks for your feedback.

Kind Regards,

@richard hi thank you very much for the response, so whenever new thumbnails are saved onto the platform they are not saved unless the person saving them logs out and then back in. Then and only then do the thumbnails be saved, basically they have to save the thumbnail, log out, log in and save it again then it appears.

Hi @William,

Thanks - this feels like an issue with the data not getting properly refreshed, we will look into this and see if it has been fixed by our recent updates that will come in our imminent release.

Kind Regards,