Kolibri Studio Need more Spcace,and ,and my work is stored locally

Am Bonface Musilwa from World Possible Kenya
Recently met a team from LE in kenya and explained the need for my kolibri studio to be increased to atleast 15-20 gb
The lessons we are creating afull length lessons some upto 50 minutes,even after compression we still remain with quite bigger videos for creating channel.
Also if you need to see the work ,can i use a local link because the folders are stored in my computer ,they are not online yet

Hello Bonface,

Could you please use the form in Studio to request more storage space? This helps us track storage requests more effectively.

You can find the form here: https://studio.learningequality.org/en/settings/#/storage

Thank you!

We had the same issue!
Filled the form asking for more space, never came.
We created multiple accounts, to handle 5,800 resources we created.

You can import any channel to your server afterwards.

Hope it helps.