Kolibri studio files renaming not saved

@richard Please help with these

Operating System (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux): Windows

Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari): Chrome

Channel (Name of the channel you were working on): nikan-bamir

Description of problem: Good day, I have tried to change the name conventions of the files under Literary Practise Grade 1 Term 1 for the last 3 hours. These are the issues that I have been experiencing:

Literary Practise - renamed all the files and none saved.

Tried smaller batches but had to close Kolibri, reopen and still no file names saved

Tried individual file naming, had to reload page and white screen present. No files.

Shut Kolibri tab, relaunched Chrome, opened Kolibri tab and white screen again

Tried Firefox and Safari - experienced the same issues

Tried repeatedly but no file names saved according to new names given

These are ongoing issues which we need to please find a resolution too as they are hindering us from being able to load, format and check all our content for the Foundation Phase with our deadline of 31 July.

Hi @William,

I’m assuming that when you mention “Kolibri” you’re referring to Kolibri Studio, correct?

I’ve found your Literary Practice folder. Could you give an example of a name you’ve changed, before and after? That will help determine if I’m seeing what you’re seeing.



we have practically tried to change the name of every file in that channel in the changes are never saved

Hi @William,

It would really help if you could you give an example of a name you’ve changed, including what is was before and what you changed it to. I’ve changed a name successfully and I see some files that seem to have have changed since I last looked.

Based off what I know so far, I would suggest signing out of Kolibri Studio and signing back in. Then retry renaming the files.