Kolibri on Raspberry pi zero

I will try to install kolibri on pi zero. Have you experience with it? I don’t want and “to reinvent the wheel”


Hello @luglimbe , yes, you can read the instructions for RPi installation.

We have not tested it in the zero model, but on the software side it should be the same that in the other versions of the Raspberry (1, 2, 3 , 3+) where we have tested it.

hi,we install on pi zero and it works.ok it took many hours, but no problem.

we will give the response time later

linux friends

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as promissed a few infos about kolibri and pi zero
install kolibri takes hours, now i cannot say t is from hardware or connection (i am in cameroon, the bullets of gun ae fster than our ADSL connection)
when installed, computer
server booting
1 minute
client booting
it depends
5 sec to reach login
10 s to each faciity
1-2 s to create new class
5-6 s to reach coach
6 -7 s to reach learn
5 s to logout

10 s to login
16 s to faciliy
3 s to ceate new class
6-7 s to reach coach
11 s to reach learn
8 s to logout

well for us, these perfomances are ok

now we will put content…