Importing Wikipedia to kolibri

Hi all,
I am glad to be here as a new user of kolibri.
I appreciate the great work which the kolibri community is doing, providing learning opportunities to unconnected communities around the world.
I am looking for a way to add Wikipedia to my kolibri repository, is this possible? How can I go about this.
Thank you all in anticipation of your responses.

Hi @bayo72 -

I am a very new user to Kolibri as well, however, I am in the process of building-out Raspbery Pi 400’s that will serve both Kolibri as well as kiwix ( content from the same device - kiwix has Wikipedia content (as well as a lot of other content) that is designed to be accessed offline via the kiwix platform. In the Kolibri documentation (Manual setup of a Raspberry Pi — Kolibri User Guide) you will find references to kiwix, so I would imagine that there are others who have successfully installed both applications concurrently .

In the test installations that I’ve done, the installation and configuration was more painful than I would have liked, but that is likely due to my lack of familiarity with Raspbian and nginx.

Best of luck.

Hi @ESP,

I really appreciate your response. I have also set both kiwik and Kolibri on the same RPi 4 4G 32GB SD card. The install was straight forward somewhat, I only a little issue. But my challenge is that I am looking for a way to have all the available resources on both Kiwix and Kolibri displayed on a single page to make access easier. I currently have to move from one app to the other. Reason why I am looking for a way to deploy Wikipedia and related resources in Kolibri.
I will like to know how you shuffle between the two apps.

Hi @bayo72 -

You’re much more ambitious than me! At this point, I am content to just configure the Chromium browser to open 2 pages each time it launches - Kolibri running on port 8080 and Kiwix running on port 8100.

(On a side note, I did a clean install of Kiwix yesterday without issue - both Kiwix and Kolibri are running seamlessly).

Best of luck.

Hi @bayo72

Wikipedia is a slightly difficult set of resources to make available within Kolibri because there are so many articles, and they are not hierarchically organized so it doesn’t map very cleanly to folder-based channel structures. We also don’t currently have support for cross-resource linking which is used heavily in Wikipedia. As @ESP mentioned, one common strategy is to install these kinds of large content repositories alongside Kolibri but you’re right that it results in a less integrated experience.

That said, Kolibri can support import of HTML resources through Kolibri Studio into custom channels either manually or scripted with our content integration tools. Individual wiki pages with associated media might be processed to remove links, imported as self-contained HTML5 applications, and then organized in a custom channel structure appropriate for your learners and coaches.

I’d be interested to learn a bit more about how you’d like to use Wikipedia in Kolibri. For example, is the goal to allow coaches to add specific articles to lessons? Or to allow learners to search for arbitrary topics? Or something else? Understanding your use-case can help us better support your needs in the future.

thank you,

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Thank you so much Devon for your response.
I already have kiwix installed along with kolibri.
To answer your question about my use case, it’s to allow learners to search for any topics of interest.