How can I install KA Lite on a chromebook?

Hi, I just purchased two chromebooks for a rural elementary school in Tanzania and I would like to install KA Lite on them. I don’t have a windows, mac or raspberry pi server on which to download KA Lite. I just have the chromebooks. Please help if you know how I can install KA Lite on a chromebook.
Thank you.

Hi @jane_ed

This is a very good question. Firstly, I think you should go for Kolibri instead. You will have a better UI and more recent Khan Academy contents.

If you refer to this post (about Kolibri), you can see that it is possible, but difficult! Another option would be if you install Kolibri on an external device and have the two chromebooks access through that device, for instance a Raspberry Pi. If you do prefer KA Lite, then the installation instructions below are basically the same… but once you have apt install working, you have to use the KA Lite install instructions.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you Benjamin. I shall take a look at Kolibri especially since it has a better UI and recent KA content. I will also check if it supports Swahili language.