Guidelines for posting your support inquiry

Before posting, use the search bar to see if your question has been previously asked. If this is the case, there may already be a resolution to the challenge you are experiencing.

If you do not see your question anywhere, please start a new thread in the Kolibri Support section. Provide as much information as possible in your inquiry, using the following template:

Observed behavior

Description of the behavior that was observed, including screenshots or other references when applicable

Expected behavior

Description of what behavior was expected but did not occur

User-facing consequences

Implications and real-world consequences for learners, coaches, admins, and other users of the application

Errors and logs

Relevant logs from:

  • the command line
  • ~/.kolibri/kolibri.log
  • the browser console

Steps to reproduce

Precise steps that someone else can follow in order to see this behavior


Tell us about your environment, including:

  • Kolibri version
  • Operating system
  • Browser
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