Getting the word out in the time of N-Covid 19

Hello all. As schools across the US (and world) go “on-line” as part of the effort to break community transmission I do hope that the word gets out that Kolibri can be a helpful tool especially for those who have sporatic or intermittent access to the internet. While not of the incredible core mission you are all on it is still that tool that somehow just fits.

Just a thought as I can see the coming wave of closures and see the common misconception that one has to be online to have the benefits of digital resources.

Keep on keeping on. I’m in awe of your work every day.

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Thanks, Mark! We’re actively thinking about this, too, and working on some resources to share out, focusing specifically on equity gaps that may be amplified during this time.

For now, we’ve drafted a blog post focusing on installing and provision Kolibri for at-home use. There will be more coming.

Sending warmth your way–


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