Feature Request for Studio

Would it be possible to add the ability to download videos from Studio? Specifically (and due to copyright, etc), could there be an option to allow the account that uploaded a video to download that same video?

Reasoning: The local file for the download may have been deleted off the local user device and the user needs to edit/reupload the video after it was posted. I understand this would not be a direct upload replacement and the channel/class would have to point to the “reuploaded” version.

Please disregard. I found where content could be added to a class and then marked to allow for download. We can also add the channel to our local server and glean the content from the Content folder. Thanks.

Another workaround for downloading a particular video from Studio directly is to load the “Preview” tab and then right click on the video -> “Save video as” (this is Chrome, probably similar in other browsers):