Exclude auto update of kolibri when upgrading Ubuntu/Raspberry PI system

Good day,

Is there a way to exclude kolibri update from auto upgrade while running the command in ubuntu/raspberry pi:
sudo apt-get update $$ sudo apt-get upgrade
if not, and it does the update, then it fails completely, can i then revert back to previous ‘working version’ of kolibri, instead of uninstalling and re-installing manually?

Please advise.

Thank you kindly.

Hi Bryan,

We don’t yet have a good fix for this. One of our developers has suggested https://stackoverflow.com/a/18260642 as a possible option for recovering the database file, but it’s not guaranteed to work. We hope to have something more concrete in the future.

Hi Bryan, in Debian based installations, using apt you always can ‘freeze’ an installed version so it won’t be affected by the upgrade:

sudo apt-mark hold kolibri
will keep the installed version of kolibri when you do apt-get upgrade

Whenever you want to remove the pinning, so it can be upgraded, just do
sudo apt-mark unhold kolibri

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Thanks so @jredrejo.

I want to include this into future scripts for updates so that we first update our test machine and then run the updates to rest of our servers.