Error message for coursework

When attempting to view Energy Skate Park: Basics in phET Interactive Courses within Kolibri the page attempts to load and then eventually met with the error “ took too long to respond.”

Hi @Desmond_Hayes,

This seems like an issue with the server itself, would someone on your technical team be able to share any logs or information about why the timeout might have occurred?

One thing to be aware of to flag for your technical team, is that from 0.15 onwards, for proper serving of HTML5 apps (which the PhET resource you reference is), the server needs to be properly configured for an alternate origin for serving these. The options are described here: kolibri/ at develop · learningequality/kolibri · GitHub

An example nginx configuration that sets this up is generated by our kolibri-server package here, which may be of interest to your technical team: kolibri-server/ at master · learningequality/kolibri-server · GitHub

Kind Regards,