Disable memory saver or sleeping tabs browser feature for Kolibri Studio

Hello Kolibri Studio users,

The Learning Equality software development team has reason to believe that a new browser feature, which puts inactive tabs in a suspended state, is interfering with Studio’s mechanism for syncing channel changes to the Studio servers. As a result, this may lead to loss of changes.

This affects most Chromium-based browsers. Those browsers and their individual features are:

  • Google Chrome - ‘Memory saver’
  • Microsoft Edge - ‘Sleeping tabs’
  • Brave Browser - ‘Memory saver’

We’re planning updates to address this without the need for an exclusion. Until those updates are released, we suggest you add an exclusion for https://studio.learningequality.org in your browser to always keep Studio tabs active.

How to add the exclusion to keep Studio active:

  • Google Chrome - instructions
  • Brave - same as Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge - copy and paste edge://settings/system?search=sleep to your address bar and click ‘Add’ under ‘Never put these sites to sleep’

The Learning Equality Team

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In Chrome, this is what the steps look like:

  1. select the three dots

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Performance

  4. In Memory Saver, click on Add

  5. copy


and click on Add
add a site