Update khan academy math content

first of all much much appreciation for such an outstanding app, I just want to suggest updating your khan academy content, few mentions would be :
integral calculus, differential calculus, high school geometry, algebra basics, basic geometry, and the “math: get ready courses” section.

Hi Ahmed,

I checked the results we get from the Khan Academy API and indeed I see the courses you mentioned are now available (probably added in the last month):

       - Algebra basics [topic] (algebra-basics)   64 topics, 201 videos, 112 exercises
       - Integral Calculus [topic] (integral-calculus)   73 topics, 232 videos, 97 exercises
       - Get ready for 3rd grade [topic] (get-ready-for-3rd-grade)   26 topics, 34 videos, 37 exercises
       - Get ready for 4th grade [topic] (get-ready-for-4th-grade)   37 topics, 65 videos, 56 exercises
       - Get ready for 5th grade [topic] (get-ready-for-5th-grade)   39 topics, 79 videos, 62 exercises
       - Get ready for 6th grade [topic] (get-ready-for-6th-grade)   33 topics, 77 videos, 59 exercises
       - Get ready for 7th grade [topic] (get-ready-for-7th-grade)   37 topics, 74 videos, 60 exercises
       - Get ready for 8th grade [topic] (get-ready-for-8th-grade)   27 topics, 76 videos, 44 exercises
       - Get ready for Algebra 1 [topic] (get-ready-for-algebra-i)   47 topics, 127 videos, 87 exercises
       - Get ready for Geometry [topic] (get-ready-for-geometry)   26 topics, 84 videos, 51 exercises
       - Get ready for Algebra 2 [topic] (get-ready-for-algebra-ii)   56 topics, 155 videos, 96 exercises
       - Get ready for Precalculus [topic] (get-ready-for-precalculus)   57 topics, 144 videos, 88 exercises

This means we should be able to add them as part of the next channel update, although I cannot tell you for sure when this will be. Usually we update channels once every 3 to 6 months, since the operation is very time consuming, and we don’t want to push updates too often (not good for offline users with limited bandwidth).

From my initial checks, these don’t seem to be new materials in these folders, but rather an alternative organization of the existing materials. For example you can find lots of calculus topics in these folders:

Also High School Geometry can be found here https://kolibri-catalog-en.learningequality.org/en/learn/#/topics/t/6d97600f390459c8a404b6edbaa6219a

Please check back in after a couple of months (after the next channel update) to see if the new “Getting started” topics have been added.

Best, Ivan