[RESOLVED] TypeError: An id must be specified

I am trying to fetch the channel from my server (kolibri studio) but i am getting an error of TypeError: An id must be specified

Does Somebody give me a solution regarding this error.

@diwakarbhatt Our dev team is working on a PR that might fix the issue you encountered here, and we’ll update this post once it’s ready. This topic also has some suggestions on requirements for running the Studio locally.

HI @RadinaMatic,

would you please inform that when would the fix be released.

Hi @RadinaMatic

Can you please tell me some update regarding the above issue when it will be fix.

@diwakarbhatt Our dev team has merged a PR this week to the unstable branch of Kolibri Studio.

Could you update your local setup and let us know if the problem is solved? Thank you!

Hi @RadinaMatic

Will you please share the PR number or link?

Tanks @RadinaMatic

Error has been resolved.

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Excellent, thank you for confirming! :+1: