How do i login from an external Application, insert new user credentials or sync with an external databse/app via the API,


Am new to Kolibro but have been playing with , and certainly to Django. Am comming from a PHP background. I have a Php School Managment system (SMS) written using Code-Igniter framework using a MySQL database.

Its beign used to manage a few schools in rural Africa, Zimbabwe. I am trying to introduce kolibro and yet keep the familiarity of the SMS they already have.

Students, Teachers (Coaches), Parents are already enrolled per class into the system and have credentials already.

So to do that i need to do the following:

  1. Use the already setup credentials for students, teachers, n parents without having to import then as CSV files. ( you wul be supprised how file types confuse people)

  2. Sync Credentials from the external database regularly (In cases a user changes password).

  3. Login from within the Php app users (Stdent, coach, etc) portal

Goal: To ensure these schools are not intimidated with using the system as most of them do not have dedicated IT staff.


Is there an API to do tha and how do i go about it???