[RESOLVED] CSV Import Error

I’m attempting to import a list of users to a course using a CSV. I used the spreadsheet format reference to make sure that my header row reflects the correct identifiers. After multiple attempts, I continue to see the following error as my import fails.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 1.00.02 PM

Here are the header row values that I am using and I’ve triple checked each identifier to make sure that there are no extra spaces.

Hello Andy, would you mind attaching here the csv with the header and one or two rows (you can change the data in the rows for confidentiality), so we can check what’s happening and fix the issue if it’s a kolibri issue or telling you how to solve it if it’s a problem with the csv.

Also, as a rule of thumb, I recommend you to export the csv first, and edit over it to import it later, instead of creating a new csv file from scratch, that will help you to edit existing users and also avoid any human error that we all can do.


Thanks for your help, José! I have a sample CSV that you can access by clicking on the link below (since the forum doesn’t support this file type).

Would love to hear back on this if anyone has time to check into it as we are starting a course for teachers with too many signed up for manual entry.

Hello @Andy_Johnson
yes, I have checked it and it’s an error with the documentation. To make the header translatable they have the “real” fieldname in parenthesis, i.e. an org in Spanish can do:
ID de la base de datos (UUID),Nombre de usuario (USERNAME),....

If you’re using English you still have to add the parenthesis. You can skip the translation, but the parenthesis are mandatory. Both
will work

I’ve tested your sample file adding the parenthesis and it’s correctly imported.

I’ve created an issue for the documentation to make it clearer (I guess you’ve made the csv from scratch. We usually recommend our users to first export the csv and then, edit it, so they don’t use to have this problem and nobody had reported it before)


Thank you for your help @jredrejo! The page where you click to access the import function offers a link called “View spreadsheet format reference” and on the reference sheet it doesn’t show the parentheses so that’s how I missed this detail. You mentioned exporting a CSV first but I’m not sure where the sample CSV would be accessed from. Either way, I appreciate your help and have now been able to successfully import the users.

Hi @Andy_Johnson , the csv export can be done in the same window where you did the import:

In the future you can use to add/edit your users, i.e. you export this file, change it and import it back if needed.

About the parenthesis, you’re right, the documentation is incomplete. I have fixed it for future releases so they are not needed anymore, you discovered the problem but hopefully you’re the only one who suffered it :wink: