Raspberry Pi documentation for quick installation

I tried to follow to install Kolibri 0.13 image using Quick start documentation. Everything worked except I missed noting the login userid and password documented in the Warning box. I was focused on following steps 1-4 (repeatedly). Never went back to the Warning box. I tried various combinations of typical Linux/Raspbian administrator login credentials. I was completed frustrated. A contact helped me to try a couple of things and I managed to login. Later on, I noticed the Warning box. I would like to suggest that the documentation should add step 5 with the default (initial) login credentials. This is more logical and easy for beginners to follow and save frustration.


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I suggest just moving the Warning to below the 4 steps. I shall submit a PR.

I had to reinstall the Kolibri due to issues related to faulty /etc/fstab. During this second iteration of installation I noticed that I had to reboot the Raspberry Pi 3 to gain WiFi access ( So the documentation should mention the need to reboot after the installation is complete.

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