Microwave conversion service unavailable?

Hi, I am trying to use the microwave conversion service mentioned in the Ricecooker API documentation. It seems that when I go to there is no response and the same thing happens when I request the conversion in my script. Just wondering if the service is still being provided or if I’ll have to find another converter.


Hi Ben!

Welcome to the LE community!

Sorry for the trouble. Microwave is down, and we are currently deciding what to do about microwave moving forward, because it is used infrequently and having a constantly running server does cost resources even when it is going unused. I had not noticed it was still being referenced in the Ricecooker API documentation, so was unaware this service was being treated as a public service rather than an internal one. I’ll review the docs and see about how best to update them.

While we decide on how to move forward on this, if you have Docker installed, you should be able to set up microwave locally via the instructions here:

Another option would be to install the unoconv python module directly. Since this has dependencies on OpenOffice / LibreOffice, it may be a little more involved than the typical pip install unoconv type installation on some platforms.

I think ultimately the best solution will be to make it so that ricecooker can support document conversion directly if there is a Libre/OpenOffice installation on the machine, so that we don’t have to rely on a web service at all.