How to install SSL certificate on Kolibri server

Hello, I have installed Kolibri on a linux server which is connected to the internet.
The Kolibri instance can be reached by calling it with its IP address + 8080
I’m trying to add an SSL certificate, but don’t know if I need to install nginx before or after Kolibri.
Could not find any help about this on the documentation.
Please help with detailed procedure in command line.

Hi @Antonio_Herrera,

Thank you for your interest in Kolibri!

You’re correct that in order to use an SSL certificate with Kolibri, you need to put nginx in front of Kolibri. This approach is commonly referred to as a ‘reverse proxy’, and ‘SSL termination’ with the SSL certificate in the mix. Our kolibri-server debian package, which can be installed using these instructions, installs and configures nginx with a reverse proxy to Kolibri. You may then edit the configuration to use an SSL certificate.


Thank you, I really appreciate your help !!